We’re all in this together. We hope these resources are helpful to you.

If you need further assistance, please contact Lynn Hargrove or Mary Marcotte.

Clean Up Resources

Volunteering, clean-up teams and FEMA.

  • Crisis Clean up Registration for Volunteer Groups must register and be approved. Once registered, you can invite others to the group and access to info on sites that need assistance. There will be a short orientation video.
  • FEMA guidelines for debris removal. Click here. This link includes quite a bit of information you may need including applying for assistance.
  • Flooded Residents call 800-451-1954 to register for clean-up assistance for volunteer groups. Click here for more information.
  • Filing your flood insurance claim? Helpful information from COMPASS 82.

Assistance Resources

Legal, employment, and general links.

  • FEMA guidelines for debris removal. Click here. This link includes info on how to sort the muck and gut debris on the curb and important information you may need including steps on how to apply for assistance.
  • Texas Workforce Commission for Disaster Unemployment Assistance. Click here.
  • Texas Bar Association for free legal help Click here. Their Disaster Relief Resources page is linked to that post.
  • University of Houston Law Center – Center for Consumer Law will hold a special “Harvey People’s Law School” on September 30 to help you with legal problems that may arise such as dealing with insurance companies, tenants/landlords, contractors and others. For more information, click here.

Self Care

Relax, take time, and breathe.

While we are all busy taking care of Harvey survivors, we need to remember to take care of ourselves. These are some quick self care tools that can help reduce stress in the moment.

  • If you are feeling spaced-out or foggy. Move, get up and walk around. Touch and rub the arms of your chair or pat your feet on the floor. Notice what you see around you – colors, shapes and textures.
  • If you are tense.take a big breath and breathe out hard and loud as you can 4 times. Take a Gratitude break. Pause 30 seconds to name what/whom you are grateful for.
  • If you are tired and low on energy.Move your body. Reach for the sky and then the floor. Make big circles with your body, bending at the waist.
  • If you are worried.Touch in with you favorite memory. Be mindful of the here and now, don’t think about future potential issues.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed.Pause to remember why you do what you do. Be mindful that what you are doing in the moment serves your mission.

Disaster Distress Helpline 1-800-985-5990 or text “TalkWithUs” to 66746

24/7 multilingual and confidential emotional support for anyone experiencing distress or other mental health concerns related to Hurricane Harvey, including for first responders, rescue and recovery workers and volunteers deployed to assist with preparedness, mitigation and response. More info on hurricane-related distress risk factors, warning signs and resources for coping click here.


Financial donations are welcome as well as prayers.

  • Donate directly to the Presbytery of New Covenant. Make sure you designate “Hurricane Harvey Relief Donations” from the pull down menu next to Fund Information.
  • Donate to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Support PDA’s response to Hurricane Harvey by designating gifts to “DR000169 – Harvey”

Other ways to donate

  • Partner directly with your church or another church in prayer and recovery funding.
  • Put together hygiene and clean-up kits for PDA or directly purchase supplies and have them sent to your church. Check the Presbytery website for the list of supplies for muck and gut teams.
  • Resources are being gathered for Volunteer Group Lodging for groups who would like to come now. If churches would like to come later, we would be looking for demolition crews more than simple clean-up. We are gathering data for that work. Please contact Mary Marcotteor Lynn Hargrovefor further information.


Contact: The Presbytery of New Covenant

1110 Lovett Blvd. | Houston, TX 77006

713-526-2585  |  pbyofnewcovenant.org