Our music

The Chancel Choir sings mainly traditional choral music. Members of the Chancel Choir develop vocal skill through the singing of choral music in a great variety of styles, including historical masterworks of the Renaissance, symphonic works of the Baroque and Classical periods, modern choral works, spirituals, and upbeat songs of praise.

Highlights of the year include an annual Lessons & Carols presentation, Holy Week services, and various special offerings.

Who we are

St. Andrew’s Chancel Choir is a wonderful community of prayer warriors and friends who have a passion for leading worship and maintain a high standard of musicianship and Christian fellowship. Every rehearsal ends with a time dedicated to prayer and the singing of the Lord’s Prayer.

Rehearsal Times

The Chancel Choir meets Wednesday evenings for rehearsal from 7:00 to 8:30pm, and leads worship in the 9:00am service on Sundays with a warm up at 8:30am. Additional rehearsals are normally added prior to major concerts and other events. SIGN OUT

Joining the choir

We would love to count you as a member of the choir family! Membership in the Chancel Choir is open to all adults, regardless of musical experience.

James Roberts, Director  Keith Ross, Organist/Accompanist


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