Sunday Oikos

Room 215 at 10:00 am

Facilitators: Sarah Cleary and Teresa Phillips

Are you looking for continued fellowship and connection with your under-40 peers? Beginning February 4, please join our Oikos group Sunday mornings at 10am in room 215 we will meet in the Family Center starting February 25). We will be studying The Gifts of Imperfection  by Brene Brown and using material from Debbie McDaniel’s blog, The Power of Gratitude, over the next few months.

This group provides a great way to connect with God, work on self, and improve relationships. Contact Sarah Cleary with any questions.

Heart of God Class-Romans

Room 213 at 10:10am

Teacher: Jo Mullendore

 If there is a single book in the Bible that speaks of the gospel and what it truly means to the life of each believer, it is the book of Romans. This book takes the believer down the road of salvation for the rest of one’s life. Romans is for those who are willing to search for the narrow path and the small gate that few find. Led by Jo Mullendore.

Encounters with Jesus-The Church Confessions

The Chapel at 10:10am 

Begins February 25

Teacher: Bill Hargrove and others

We have covered encountering Jesus in the gospels, and then in the early church as recorded in the book of Act and the Epistles. But what happened after the last book of the Bible was written? How did the followers of Jesus encounter Him in the centuries that followed right up to the present time? What were the issues they wrestled with as they tried to follow Jesus, and what can their experience teach us about how to follow Jesus better in the present? We have answers to all these questions in the confessions of the church.

In its earliest days, the church dealt with questions of belief and order: circumcision, Law versus Grace, and acceptance of Gentiles, for example. This need to “reform” the church in light of the challenges we face has never stopped, although the challenges have changed. The Book of Confessions is a collection of 12 documents from different historical eras that show how the church continues to respond to the Holy Spirit as it has faced the challenges of history. This class will study those Confessions, and how they show the church living out its faith and responding to issues from ancient times, the Reformation, and the 20th Century.  

We’ll follow the clues  and accumulated wisdom in them to learn to live in step with the Spirit in our place and time.