Encounters with Jesus

Warren Family Center at 10:10am

Teacher: Bill Hargrove and others

Encounters with Jesus- Starting on January 8 and going through May, join us in the Warren Family Center from 10:10-11am. We will be exploring different characters’ encounters with Jesus alongside the same sermon series in worship, from His infancy through His ministry, death and resurrection. Some encounter Him at their life’s end, others as children, and still others in various kinds of struggles in their adult lives. We will focus on who Jesus is revealed to be in relationships, his impact on them, and how their stories inform and become part of our story as we learn to follow Him more closely.  Teachers: Bill Hargrove and others.

Heart of God Class

Room 213 @ 10:10 am

Teacher: Jo Mullendore

Want to grow your faith?

Interested in what the Bible has to say about living your life?

This class loves to study the Word and to ponder God’s Holy Spirit who lives within each believer.   Jesus said He was sending the Spirit to guide and comfort us whenever He was needed.   It has been amazing to witness the Spirit moving not only in the class lessons, but also in how the sermons, music and themes in other areas of the church intersect with and enhance the same theme we are exploring that day.

We study Scripture, in order to apply Biblical principles to our daily lives.  With additional help from noted scholars for amplified interpretation, the class gets a full view of what it means to live a crucified life for Christ.  Come join us—the coffee is hot and so are the topics and conversation.