Encouraging each other daily

 We affirm that faith is not an “elective” whose expression is reserved for Sunday mornings, but a way of living every day and moment in growing trust in Jesus. Trusting in Jesus by definition includes community with others who also belong to him, and those relationships give encouragement, accountability and consistency in following Christ.


…to follow Jesus

A follower of Jesus is someone who is entrusting his or her life to Jesus as Savior and Lord. Jesus, whose name means “The Lord Saves,” saves us from our sins, from death, and from meaninglessness for a life of forgiveness, grace, peace and purpose that never ends. As we increasingly acknowledge Jesus’ right to be in charge of our lives because of his redeeming life, death and resurrection, we progressively put all we are and have in his gracious hands.

To follow Jesus is to learn as apprentices to his words, works, and way of life how to live as God intended.


…and love the world.

Jesus came to restore all people to a loving relationship with God, (John 3:16), and we who follow him inherit his mission to love the world by extending his just and gracious rule, or kingdom, wherever we go.