Science and Faith

All around us we hear public discussion about faith and science.  Should creation be taught in public schools alongside evolution?  Is our faith literally all in our brain? Did the universe begin with a big bang, the hand of God, or both?
Have you ever wondered how–as a thinking Christian–  to engage these questions with wisdom and compassion?

During the fall of 2012, St. Andrews entered into a series of conversations through sermons, adult and youth education, as well as guest speakers, that all centered on learning as a community how we can talk about issues related to science and faith with compassion and wisdom in the midst of a fraught world.

You can listen to past lectures HERE.

Past lecturers:

Dr. Karl Ecklund
Dr. Elaine Ecklund
Dr. Jeff Hardin
Dr. Deborah Haarsma
Dr. Katharine Hayhoe
Dr. Kenneth Miller
Dr. Steve Norris
Dr. Praveen Sethupathy
Rich Wheeler
Dr. Jennifer Wiseman